• Linux, BSD – Source code (tar.gz)
  • Mac OS X – universal binary installer (dmg)
  • Windows – 32bit Installer (exe)
  • Browse all downloads (link)

The current stable release is Pika 0.12.0. This version is recommended for all users, please upgrade if your running an older version. See the release notes for more information.

If you are unsure about which platform to choose then go to the project page and click the big button that says Download Now. Most of the time it will have the correct file for your platform already selected.


To get the latest version you need to use Mercurial. Remember that the latest updates may be unstable or just plain won’t work. So use at your own risk.

If you do not have Mercurial installed you will need to do so before you can access the online repository. Go to Mercurial Home Page and follow the directions. It might be helpful to reference the Mercurial Guide Book if you run into trouble. If you have experience with Subversion the commands are somewhat similar.

Once installed you can access and clone the Mercurial repository with a single command. From the command line navigate to the directory you want to download Pika to and type the following:

> hg clone

If you want to grab a specific revision (or tag) use the -r option. Each release is tagged as vX.Y.Z for major version X, minor version Y and patch version Z. For example release 0.12.0 would be tagged v0.12.0 and the following command will clone that version.

> hg clone -r v0.12.0

Once you have cloned the repository you will have a local copy of the code base that you can build and modify. The repository is read-only meaning any local changes cannot be pushed upstream. However, I will accept feature and bug fix patches.